@gmail.com? An email address is an email address right?

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You’ve just finished a meeting with the sales team of Acme marketing TT Ltd*. Their presentation was excellent, they seem quite knowledgeable in what they do. Acme marketing quickly becomes a shortlisted candidate to handle the launching of your project that is well within the five figure range. The time comes for the ritualistic shaking of hands and exchanging of business cards, you take a glance of the well-designed card in your hand. Before putting it away something catches your eye , something you could not help but stare at with the slightest of frowns; the contact email address on the card is [email protected].
An email address is an email address right?
Well, it largely depends on how seriously you want to be taken, granted it could have been worse, perhaps [email protected]? But three big questions should come up when you see these sorts of addresses:

Are lines of communication well organised?

If an email is sent to this address, will it reach a specific person that would handle the message or will it go into a pool of messages that everyone in the company has access to?

Is this a professional organisation?

Ok, this question might be a bit harsh but having an unprofessional email is a bit, unprofessional.

Does this company have an official website?

When you have an email address such as [email protected] it shows you took the time to register a domain which hopefully points to your official website. Here are a few options for getting your domain name and your business email account also, our pros and cons for each provider:
Bluehost – At the time of this article bluehost is offering a domain, 5 email accounts along with other services such as webhosting, SSL certificate and more starting at $4.95 USD a month (billed at an annual subscription).
Pros: Relatively inexpensive for the services provided, offers webmail access or you can connect to your email client of choice to send and receive email.
Cons: The site tries to throw in unnecessary upsells and is not very intuitive.

Hover – These guys are offering a 10GB storage email address at $20 USD a year!
Pros: Great value for money, simple intuitive site with no pesky upsells and they offer webmail assess or you can connect to your email client of choice to send and receive email.
Cons: You’d have to purchase a domain but given hover’s non gimmicky interface, we’d recommend purchasing your domain with them if you’re opting in for their email plans.

GoDaddy – Offers similar price points as Bluehost on the lower tiers however we’d like to highlight GoDaddy’s partnership with Microsoft for their business premium email package priced at 10USD per user per month. Yes a bit expensive coming out of the gate, but being software compliant and having the full Office 365 suite at your disposal gives your administration arsenal some firepower!
Pros – You get online access and downloadable apps for Microsoft 365 office suite. Also you get access to Microsoft’s business apps such as Microsoft invoicing and outlook customer manager.
Cons- Expensive, GoDaddy also has some annoying upsells, however it’s limited to their site and not the Microsoft Office side of the package. Lastly you still need to purchase a domain, as with Hover, if you’re going with this option purchasing your domain from GoDaddy will make the set up easier.

Google – Wait, didn’t we just bash the @gmail.com address as unprofessional for businesses? Well google has a service called g suite that allows you to use your own domain starting at 6USD per user per month (billed monthly) which includes some nice online applications/features such as video and voice conferences and 30GB of cloud storage.
Pros: Very intuitive webmail platform (it is Gmail’s interface after all), ease of administration as the organisation grows, and many powerful applications with the higher priced tiers. Also, easy setup with your domain.
Cons: Expense given you still need to purchase your domain, but you can purchase one from google directly depending on your location.

If you would like to consult with us to set up and advise on the best package for your business, please send us an email at [email protected]

*We found it prudent to state, that at the time of publishing this post, all companies and events depicted in this article are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or companies, registered or not, is purely coincidental.