Can your business survive a pandemic?

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As more countries are reporting confirmed coronavirus cases, many companies around the world have opted to send their staff home as a precautionary measure. These companies have undoubtedly invested in the necessary IT infrastructure to facilitate working from home.

With the increasing rate of internet accessibility, it is no surprise that more business operations are being centred on mobile computing. While the extent to which a business can take its operations online is only limited to the business type, it still beckons the question: Can your business survive a pandemic?

Here are some tips for setting up your remote environment work-space:

cloud computing buzzolution consultancy

  • Utilise cloud based software when you can – Not only does this allow users to perform their duties remotely it is also a good characteristic of disaster recovery.
  • Set up remote access to application servers – Say you have accounting software that can only be used on the company’s premises. You should consider having that server accessible from the internet so users can continue working remotely. (With all the necessary security protocols of course!)

instant messaging buzzolution consultancy

  • Utilise instant messaging apps to communicate general information – Using group chats are very effective in relaying non-critical information quickly.

video call buzzolution consultancy

  • Use video conferencing software for meetings – Apart from the cost benefit of digital meetings, this eliminates the risk of exposure to airborne diseases.
  • Migrate to cloud telephony – The advantages of cloud telephony are huge but in this scenario we’ll just like to point out that you can forward your phone numbers and extensions to mobile devices. This allows you to make and receive calls using the company’s number instead of disclosing personal phone numbers.